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A direct cremation and separate celebration

Affordable end-of-life planning

Experience complete flexibility in how your life is celebrated, while we handle all the practical aspects

Pay only for the essentials, avoiding costly and unnecessary expenses found in traditional funerals

Save your family from the distress of a crematorium visit and the impersonal conveyor belt experience

Opt for a greener choice with reduced carbon emissions

The old way

A typical traditional cremation

Navigate through extensive planning, with numerous expenses to manage and cover

Constrained by the set format provided by a local funeral home and a fixed service duration of 20-50 minutes

Your family will need to choose the number of ceremonial vehicles, coffin, flowers, music, date and time and attendees

Traditional funerals often lack personalisation and can feel rushed

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Questions our customers ask

A Pure Cremation Funeral Plan includes everything that's required to carry out a Pure Cremation, delivered by Pure Cremation Ltd. A direct cremation with us includes:

  • Collection from anywhere in mainland England, Wales and Scotland (includes Isle of Wight and Isle of Skye).
  • Transfer to the crematorium and a solid pine eco-coffin (or suitable alternative).
  • Cremation fees for an unattended committal at the crematorium of our choice and Doctor’s fees (if these apply).
  • Hand delivery of the ashes to any mainland address in England, Wales and Scotland (includes Isle of Wight and Isle of Skye).
  • All costs associated with the delivery of an unattended cremation when the Plan holder dies.

  • The use of a hearse, limousine or flowers.
  • A funeral ceremony at the crematorium.
  • A minister or a celebrant.
  • A choice of crematorium.
  • Mourners attending the committal at the crematorium.

If you are looking for a funeral plan which includes hearses, flowers, or a funeral service then this is probably not the right plan for you.

9 out of 10 direct cremations are unattended at Pure Cremation, which means there are no mourners present for a funeral service at the crematorium or at the cremation itself. Our experienced cremation technicians will carry out the process with the utmost respect and without anyone present. There is no viewing of the deceased or farewell ceremony conducted, but if you would like to attend the service, please, let us know in advance.

You can either pay in one lump sum or various monthly instalments for our prepaid plans. If you pay by instalments, then you will need to keep these payments up to date or risk having your plan cancelled. We also offer on-demand direct cremation services that do not require you to hold a funeral plan with us.