Commission Disclosure - Continuous Payment Plan

Your Continuous monthly payments paid to us are used to purchase a whole of life insurance policy for the Planholder’s benefit with Scottish Friendly Assurance Society.

Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Limited will retain a commission amount between £2 and £6 your monthly payment as well as receiving a sales commission from Scottish Friendly Assurance Society of between £198.48 and £363.60. The actual amount in both cases will depend on the Planholder’s age. If you would like more details on the actual commission applicable to your individual circumstances, please contact us on 0800 033 7737.

For comparison purposes, if you were to approach Pure Cremation Limited and request a funeral that was needed today, what is referred to as an ‘at need’ service, you would have to pay between £1,295 (for death in hospital) and £1,545 (for death at home) in one lump sum payment.


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