Commission Disclosure - Single and Fixed Term Payment Plans

The total cost of your funeral plan is £1,795.


This is wholly attributable to the supply of your funeral plan. From this total cost £1,050 is placed in an independent trust. This amount is used to provide the Planholder with the direct cremation funeral described at the time of their death, whenever in the future that may occur. Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Limited has negotiated this charge with the provider of the direct cremation and guarantees that you will not be charged more than this amount for the direct cremation funeral when the time arrives.


Any additional money that you pay over and above the £1,050 is retained by Pure Cremation Funeral Planning Limited.


For comparison purposes, if you were to approach Pure Cremation Limited and request a funeral that was needed today, what is referred to as an ‘at need’ service, you would have to pay between £1,295 (for death in hospital) and £1,545 (for death at home) in one lump sum payment.



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